Nina Katchadourian

This image is from Nina Katchadourian’s series titled
Uninvited collaborations with nature


Nina Katchadourian is a woman with a unique form of curiosity. She invites the viewer to join her in her experiments turned art. Some of her works are thought-provoking, like the” Mended spiderweb” series. It is fascinating that the spiders rejected her repairs and removed them from the webs. Others works are light-hearted and clever. The “Genealogy of  the Supermarket” comes to mind. Still others are a little silly. “Mystic Shark” actually strikes me as a lot silly. I don’t like that one, but that’s okay because her works are so diverse and interesting.

I use the term works, rather than pieces,  in describing her art because most of them do not fall into the traditional ideas that I have of art. Even her sculpture/mixed media is unusual in its content. Somehow, she manages to take ordinary items and experiences and turn them into something interesting and entertaining.


One Response to Nina Katchadourian

  1. lfulk says:

    There is something about Nina Katchadourian’s work that I am also draw to as well. It might be her sense humor and perspective of everyday ordinary things. I am will take a closer look at the “Mended Spiderweb series”. This looks fascinating. Thanks for sharing this one. Like you, I also chose to blog about her work.

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