James Turrell

James Turrell began using light as art during the 1960’s. He seems to have a broad understanding and connection to light, and he wants to share this knowledge with us. He wants us to experience it. I found and article by Michael Govan (http://www.interviewmagazine.com/art/james-turell#_ ) In which James Turrell has this to say about his art: ” It’s about perception. For me, it’s using light as a material to influence or affect the medium of perception. I feel that I want to use light as this wonderful and magic elixir that we drink as Vitamin D through the skin—and I mean, we are literally light-eaters—to then affect the way that we see. We live within this reality we create, and we’re quite unaware of how we create the reality. So the work is often a general koan into how we go about forming this world in which we live, in particular with seeing.”

Because of the nature of his art, much of it requires a piece of nature from which to experience it.RiceUniversityinTexasis home to one of his spectacular skyscapes. This outdoor display features a roof with a large rectangle to view the sky without the distractions of other objects man-made or natural. He incorporates colored lighting to correspond with the events in the sky.









James Turrell creates peaceful spaces

for us to come into

and stay a while.


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