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I’m A Dabbler

I’ve dabbled in a lot of different things. For example, I took a course in writing short stories for children. Continue reading

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Momsome Moment: BookCon 2017

Technically, my momsome moment occurred at the end of the day, but a few highlights won’t hurt. My daughter and I hopped on a bus in Baltimore and headed for New York City. She snapped pictures of cool buildings, the … Continue reading

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More From Week 2 – Oops, Wrong Blog

Wow, this is embarrassing. I posted here instead of to the blog for my current class. Rather than simply delete the post,  I have decided to edit with a little of what I learned in there this week. I had … Continue reading

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I Miss My Blog

I haven’t forgotten my blog, I’m just buried in classwork and family duties. Eventually I’m going to get back to this and write thought-provoking posts on things like: how much I hate saggy pants or perhaps how leftovers should be … Continue reading

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A Curtain By Any Other Name

Does this happen to you? I walked into the MPR (see definition at the end of this post) and screeched … no, not screeched, that sounds too harsh…. questioned, “Who knocked the curtain down?” I used the term “curtain” loosely. … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Writing

I may not be cut out for this whole blog experience. Over the years, I have written a few letters to the editor. Each took  approximately three hours to write. They could be no more than 250 words. Here is … Continue reading

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I’ve changed my name

It seemed fitting to change the name of my blog. After all, the class is over, grades are posted, and most of the class bloggers have fled to other obsessions. For myself, obsessions have taken the form of things like, … Continue reading

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