Andrea Zittel

When I first began Digital Design Foundation, I glanced at several websites from the artist list. I was overwhelmed and discouraged by what I saw. I didn’t seem to like much of anything. Was I really that narrow minded? Perhaps I am now expanding my horizons, which is why it is appropriate to explore Andrea Zittel and her work.

Andrea Zittel is originally from Escondido, California .While she has degrees in painting and sculpture, her professional focus is on functional architecture on a personal level. She creates art pieces that are small in space, yet large in storage and privacy.

This is one option for using
this versatile living-unit.

Here is another configuration for the living-unit.

This could be great furniture for
the college student. It would certainly make packing to go home a lot easier.

Another space saver that is used extensively on Andrea Zittel’s project “A-Z West”.  Zittel’s blog site describes this project as:  “an institute of investigative living:  The A-Z enterprise encompasses all aspects of day to day living. Home furniture, clothing, food all become the sites of investigation in an ongoing endeavor to better understand human nature and the social construction of needs.” I would love to line these up out in the yard for my kids.

Personalization of Wagon Stations is encouraged.

Zittel is all about asking “what if”. I began to think “what if I was to visit A-Z West? What would I discover? How would I personalize my wagon station? I have just begun to personalize my Wagon Station.

The beginning of my wagon station.

If you are interested in creating your own personal space, go to the 3D warehouse, type in “Wagon Station” and start creating.


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