My story, and the story of this blog, began back in my college days. I was a member of the newspaper staff of  The Green Owl newspaper at William Woods University.  Being a small staff, we each became skilled at everything from ad sales, to reporting, to page paste-up. (For information on paste-up see my Welcome post) I really enjoyed page paste-up more than anything. It’s like putting together a puzzle where you shape the pieces to fit the page, while including all of the information necessary.

After college I took a job in the production department of the oldest continuously published paper in the nation: The Capital in Annapolis, MD Page paste-up turned into computer pagination. I became skilled in the art of creating ads from layouts; graphic arts newspaper style. My work history soon began to overlap with my life as a wife and mother. Motherhood became my primary goal and activity for many years. Now that my youngest is four, I have begun exploring graphic arts again in the form of on-line classes. An on-line class led to the creation of this blog which has now expanded beyond the requirements of a single semester.


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