Momsome Moment: BookCon 2017

superheros 2

Technically, my momsome moment occurred at the end of the day, but a few highlights won’t hurt.

My daughter and I hopped on a bus in Baltimore and headed for New York City. She snapped pictures of cool buildings, the sunrise, etc. I anxiously waited to eat a snack.

Once in New York, we walked to the Javits Center, where the fun began.

In addition tobookcon-with-ryan.jpg listening to Ryan Higa, (the reason we were there), we had Bill Nye and Chelsea Clinton sightings. We also heard talks from: Jeff Kinney, Mary Pope Osborne, Kwame Alexander, Lemony Snicket, and Kevin Hart.


Next, we did a little exploring in New York City. We headed to Times Square with a stop off to have our pictures taken with Spiderman and a random stormtrooper. We also side-tripped to the Fox news building, where we saw nothing but the outside of a building. Pedestrian traffic doubled as we neared Times Square, which turned out to be smaller than it looks on TV.

Because I was getting tired, we considered taking the subway to our next stop. We descended the dank stairwell only to confront what appeared to be a menagerie of trains and stops.

subwaysign 2Maybe you can guess that I didn’t have the patience to process all of that. We walked to Trump Tower and refueled for the trip home at the Starbucks there.

We’re closing in on the momsome moment. (Admit it, you’ve been anxiously waiting for it.) We were told to arrive at the bus stop 30 minutes before our 10pm departure. We were there 45 minutes early. What to do to fill the time, what to do? Take another, quick bathroom break. Next, “Look, pizza! Let’s get a quick slice of that.” Tick tock. Keeping it simple, we each asked for one slice of pepperoni pizza. Tick tock. The man grabbed the slices and popped them in the oven to re-heat them. Tick tock, tick tock… how long did this need to take? I’m about to have crispy critter pizza. We finally get the pizza (which turned out to be very good) and stood in line to pay. Can you hear it? Tick tock?

We go to the bus stop to eat what would turn out to be the most expensive pizza I have ever had. It’s still 20 to 25 minutes before the bus should arrive. We wait, but now I’m second guessing where we are. Should I find a number to call to double check? We wait some more. My husband calls to see if we made the bus. I try to sound confident as I tell him we are at the bus stop. Now I’m getting nervous. The clock continues to creep toward 10pm. Then it’s just after ten. NOW, I decide to call to check the location of the bus stop. Yes, I’m in the right place. The bus, however, has already gone by. I’m told I can catch the 10:30 on 152nd street. From 31st street!?! How did this happen? I glance down at the now empty pizza box. I see the pizza, the oven, the line. I hear, “arrive at the bus stop 30 minutes early, because THE BUS MIGHT BE EARLY.” The next time my husband called, I sadly confessed that we had missed the bus.

That pizza now cost a $160 for an Amtrak ride, and my husband’s sanity when had to come pick us up at the train station at 2am to drive us to the car we had intended to use to drive home on our own. Momsome.


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I am in awe of God's power and His desire to share it with us. I am dismayed at how much time I still spend in the weeds of sin and doubt; stumbling over roots and ragged rocks, only to walk straight into sticky spider webs. God smiles and says, "That's okay, I can work with that."
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