Some Thoughts About Writing

I may not be cut out for this whole blog experience. Over the years, I have written a few letters to the editor. Each took  approximately three hours to write. They could be no more than 250 words. Here is my process:

Letters to the editor don’t have photos, blogs do. These are from a stop motion series my kids did. I think it captures the mood well.

1 Write a little bit

2 Delete, delete, delete

3) Write a little more

4) Move a prepositional phrase

5) Write, write

6) Delete, delete, including the prepositional phrase

7) Switch the order of the paragraphs

8) Redo the first paragraph to work with the prior rearranging

9) Spell check

Perfection takes a very long time. On the other hand, this only took about 20 minutes. I might be okay.


About Lushn

I am in awe of God's power and His desire to share it with us. I am dismayed at how much time I still spend in the weeds of sin and doubt; stumbling over roots and ragged rocks, only to walk straight into sticky spider webs. God smiles and says, "That's okay, I can work with that."
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