Check out my new page about Andrea Zittel. I have included a sketch-up drawing on that page.

Speaking of Sketch-up.  I found this program easier to use than some of them we have used. My computer, on the other hand, has issues. How slow can a computer go? So slow I forgot what I was waiting for. Making minor adjustments in placement was impossible. At one point I gave up and started over.

On the bright side, I liked the layout of my scene a lot better than the first one. On the dark side, I lost the file. After exporting to the avi format I watched the animation. It cycled through the scenes too fast and the resolution was terrible. Perhaps that is why we were instructed to make sure it was an skp file. I went back to my file to try again. Well, I tried to go back to my file. It was gone, auto saves and all. I searched the ENTIRE computer for it. I was amazed at how many versions I had of my first ridiculous attempt. I deleted those so I wouldn’t have to keep finding them.  Of course, at 2 a.m., trying to open my avi file in sketch up seemed like a good ideal. Sketch up didn’t think so. I eventually found a short cut that I am certain pointed to the correct file because it said that the file had been moved or changed and the short cut no longer worked. I didn’t have the courage to delete it. Fortunately we submitted walk-through photos so everyone can see that the images are really in focus.

So here is the story: My Turn. Nicholas saw his Oliver and Clare playing with an aircraft carrier and planes.  They had a jet that he wanted so he tried to take it. Failing, he pouted before thinking of a new idea. He offered to swap a Lego plane for the jet. Oliver wouldn’t make the trade, but Clare seemed to like it. Next, Nicholas approached his older brother, Phillip, and offered to pay him to help get the jet. Phillip took the aircraft carrier and ran off with Oliver right behind him. Nicholas went over, picked up the jet, and celebrated his victory.

Check out the photos before viewing the animation so you will know what is going on.

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Here is the animation. Don’t blink.


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  1. So I see that I was not the only one to have their computer struggle with Sketchup. My computer crashed four times, just trying to use the sandbox tools. To put this into an even greater perspective, I use a Mac, which is significantly more powerful than most PCs that I have used, and it still had trouble (then again, my Mac is from 2008). The software was not impossible to use, and I could see how it was more user friendly than most graphic software. That being said, I still experienced a rather steep learning curve. Anyway, I like your finished product (especially the carrier and the F-18), but your animation could use some work, though after what you went through, I understand why you did not work on it more. If the animation was less jumpy, and of higher quality, then I think it would display the plot and story much better, and the pictures would be much easier to follow. But nice job anyway, and I think the plot reminds me of when I was kid. My friend had a toy aircraft carrier just like that, and we would argue over whatever toy aircraft we could get our hands on!

  2. bjgr12 says:

    I agree completely with your assessment of the animation. My only option to fix it was to remake the scene. It is very frustrating to know that the file is on the computer, but somehow the address to it is not.

  3. I really enjoyed your animation and the story that is so reminiscent of my days working with first graders! 🙂 Although, I have to say that my 4 kids are getting in each other’s Koolaid with the summer days we have spent indoors while I trudge through these projects! That offers the added element of un-focused tutorial exploration, just to change it up a bit & keep my nerves on edge while I break up the arguments… hahaha! We are definitely ready for a celebratory vacation!!! Have a wonderful summer with your family!!!

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