Analysis of “Life…”

I started this video with the idea of including footage of a school of fish and a flock of birds. The movements they make together are beautiful and similar. From there I began thinking about the beauty of babies, and my life video idea was born.

I used the cut tool to divide the fish footage into two pieces, and inserted the pre-born images next to each of them. The birds and the “flying” baby went next. The second bird clip follows the pattern of the fish clips, but with the twist of the hunters. This symbolizes the act of abortion. The two clips from the women show two perspectives on the issue. Next we see the fisherman, expecting him to kill the fish. Instead, he releases it. Finally, we see the baby in the tub.

I used dissolve transitions in some places. After the “flying” baby I faded to black as an allusion to the darkness about to come. I had to cut the hunter footage and reverse the order to get the flock before the rifle shot. I overlapped the audio to aid the transition to the clip of the first woman. I couldn’t fade into the next clip, because there was no footage after the first and before the second clip. Without a transition, the change was too abrupt. I finally left a small space between the clips, so it appears to fade to black. I sped the fisherman video up, because it was too long, but I needed to show him catching and releasing. I added the word “life” to the fisherman, and then “shared” when he released the fish. In my mind, the title is really “Life… Shared”, but we can’t know that until the end. I faded to white for the credits. This symbolizes the promise of good things to come.

As for the music, I used a piece titled “Ode to Birdie”, with permission from the artist. This was easy to do, as the artist is my cousin. Perhaps I’ll include a blog about him in the future. I played the music from the beginning, just to the gun shots. I re-introduce it as the fisherman released the fish. Rather than have silence during the fishing footage, I added the sound of an orchestra tuning up to transition back to “Ode to Birdie”.

One unexpected challenge I ran into, was that the audio got out of sync in the first clip of the woman speaking. I learned that by un-linking the audio from the video, I could realign the two. Next I readjusted the ends so they were even and re-linked them.….mp4


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I am in awe of God's power and His desire to share it with us. I am dismayed at how much time I still spend in the weeds of sin and doubt; stumbling over roots and ragged rocks, only to walk straight into sticky spider webs. God smiles and says, "That's okay, I can work with that."
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  1. lfulk says:

    The message from your video was poignant and at the same time joyous. I really enjoyed it.

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