A little bit about sunglasses

My challenge for project two wasn’t simply creating designs using little bits of a picture. It was, in fact, drawing the picture itself. Partly it is a confidence issue. Mostly is lack of experience.
As a child, I could never draw as well as my older brother. It didn’t matter how many times my mother told me not to compare myself to him ( he is 2 1/2 years older than me) I still did, and for good reason. He is very talented. 

















This is a painting he did for me back in 1981. He was a senior in high school and usually drew cars, buildings etc. I didn’t even know he could do living things.

Recently he posted this picture. It would have worked well for this assignment.















Anyway, back to me. I took Drawing 1 in college to see how I would do. I did better than I thought I would. Following my routine, I again did better than I thought I would. Here is my project. I put the glasses on an angle so I was looking at them from above.



About bjgr12

I want to be better than  I am, and I would like to help someone else be better than they were. Who knows what will happen, but it might be fun.
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