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to my first blog.

The Capital’s composition room, as it was referred to before it became the production department, was set up like the one in this photo.

Graphic design has changed dramatically since my college days. I learned how to do hand paste-up of newspaper pages at William Woods University as a member of their newspaper staff. After graduation, I took a job in the production department at Capital-Gazette Printing. When I began, all of the pages were put together by hand. I would explain, “I take a big piece of paper, cut it into little strips and paste it back together on a big piece of paper.”

Each sheet was fed through this machine to put a thin coat of wax on it. After placing on the page, we used a roller to adhere it securely to the page.

During my years there, the paper began to add more color. We added layers to the page with ruby sections cut for the color areas. Soon they added four-color photos. From there the paper began transitioning to computer layout. I moved to the computers in the production department. We were responsible for inputting and formatting all of the advertising for the newspaper. Because of their size, much of our time was spent preparing real estate ads for the classified section. During the process of learning the basics of graphic design; my typing improved dramatically.

Today, I spend my time juggling school schedules, sport schedules, chore schedules (the kids don’t like this one), and on-line computer course schedules. Perhaps I should look for creative ways to graphically present these schedules.


About bjgr12

I want to be better than  I am, and I would like to help someone else be better than they were. Who knows what will happen, but it might be fun.
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2 Responses to Welcome . . .

  1. It’s amazing how far we have come on the wings of technology, eh? I cannot imagine the labor-intensive process of coating sheets with wax individually during layouts! Has all of this been replaced with clicks of the mouse? My heart goes out to you with juggling your family, too ~ it sounds like you have more than I do, and I know that I am kept on my toes year-round. Spreadsheets are my life! Haha! Have fun!!! 🙂

  2. This is an interesting glimpse into the history of newpaper printing.

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